Kanchanaburi Travel Guide

Kanchanaburi is the capital of the western provinces of Thailand and is a great destination for tourists offering a great range of activities and sights. The city lies within a backdrop of stunning natural scenery of dense rainforests, limestone mountains bisected by wide fast flowing rivers.

Why Kanchanaburi Thailand

Kanchanaburi provides a variety of activities and sights, from the emotional Second World War memorials through to sitting with an adult tiger. This combined with great hiking and fun night life makes Kanchanaburi a credible option to the well established tourist centres of northern Thailand. Let us here at 2WeekBackPack.com be your Kanchanaburi travel guide and show you should visit Kanchanaburi as part of your tour of Thailand.


Much of Kanchanaburi's significant history was focused around the construction of the Burma to Bangkok railway during the second world war. This construction project was given the horrific name of the death railway due to the vast numbers of allied prisoners of war who perished during its construction. There are numerous memorials dotted throughout the region including cemeteries or actual sections of the railway. The classic movie The Bridge Over the river Kwai was based upon the construction of a railway bridge to the south of the city that forms part of the death railway.


This Kanchanaburi travel guide will explain the devastating history of the region but today the city is lively and fun destination with a range of good restaurants and enjoyable nightlife. Kanchanaburi is also the home of the famed tiger temple which gives visitors the once in a life time chance to actual sit next to a full adult male tiger. The tiger temple is possibly over rated and crowded but it the photos it provides will always be the first you will show to friends on returning home.