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Kanchanaburi, why Visit?

The Kanchanaburi is steeped in culture, beautiful scenery and history. Unfortunately much of Kanchanaburi’s modern history has been dominated by the horrific events of the Second World War and the construction of the death railway.

Visitors to Kanchanaburi will encounter numerous harrowing memorials to the construction of the railway and the awful treatment of the prisoners. Expect Kanchanaburi to tug at your heart strings and strain your emotions but you will leave appreciating the values, freedoms and opportunities we experience in our modern life.


Kanchanaburi is not just a sober testimony to the devastating past; Kanchanaburi is exciting, vibrant and enthralling city surround by some of the most stunning scenery of mainland Thailand. The rolling hills of Kanchanaburi are covered by dense forest, which verges on jungle, and the province is dissected by large, powerful rivers. The spectacular natural highlight of the province is the, Erawan Waterfalls, a series of seven connected waterfalls cascading into deep sky blue pools.


Thailand is full of surprises and constantly provides the chance to experience activities not normally possible in your home country. The most bizarre and possibly dangerous activity in Kanchanaburi is the chance to sit with an adult tigers and even be photographed stroking the wild animals. To visit and sit with the tigers of the Tiger Temple of Kanchanaburi is a once in a life time opportunity. The Thai people of the Kanchanaburi province are some of the most polite and hospitable of the county, they are without the complexity of the people from the capital or heavily touristy beach resorts. At every hotel reception or taxi expect a warm welcome and the smile only the Thai people can produce.

There is a wide range of accommodation available within Kanchanaburi catering from the most luxurious riverside penthouse through to budget wooden shacks with shared amenities. The food available within Kanchanaburi is extensive with many good eating establishments that are significantly better value than Bangkok. Kanchanaburi is a fantastic destination to visit while in Thailand and should be high on most visitors’ plans and routes. Kanchanaburi is easy to include on any tour of Thailand as it is only a relatively short bus journey from Bangkok and there are a wide range of engaging and adventurous activities which will excite all backpackers and intrepid travelers.


All of the diversity of Kanchanaburi is only a relative short bus journey from central Bangkok but the entire region feels a world apart from the chaotic capital. Explore somewhere slightly off the typical tourist route - go and explore Kanchanaburi and let us at 2WeekBackPack.com help you to discover this amazing city and region.

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The beautiful Erawan waterfalls


One of the massive rivers of the region

Hellfire Pass Kanchanaburi

The harrowing Hellfire Pass

tiger temple Kanchanaburi

Resting tigers at the tiger temple