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Gaggal Airport, McLeod Ganj

The nearest airport to McLeod Ganj is Gaggal Airport, which lies less than 20km to the west of the popular tourist destination. Gaggal Airport is a small domestic airport that has a limited selection of flight routes. The most important route for visitors is the Delhi to McLeod Ganj flight that is operated by King Fisher airways. This tourist guide will provide an overview of the airport, details of the Delhi to McLeod Ganj flight and explain how to travel from Gaggal Airport to McLeod Ganj.

Travel to Sagres Gaggal Airport Mcleod Ganj

Gaggal Airport is commonly referred to as Kangra Airport or less commonly, Dharamsala Airport but all three mean the same short runway airport. Gaggal Airport is 16 km from McLeod Ganj and the airport is very small with only a handful of flights every day. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to travel from McLeod Ganj to the airport due to the switch back mountainous roads and prices range from RS400-500 depending on haggling skills.

mountains  McLeod Ganj

The snow covered peaks of the mountains can be hiked to

McLeod Ganj Delhi Flights from Gaggal Airport

The Delhi to McLeod Ganj flight makes for a convenient method to travel to and from the capital and eliminates the need for the long and arduous bus journey of 9 hours. The flight time between McLeod Ganj and Delhi is 1 hour 50 minutes and there is a minimum of 1 service a day. The flight is operated by Kingfisher Red and tickets can be bought over the internet. As the airline is a low cost airline prices start cheap and steadily increase up to the day of departure.

religious festival in Dharamsala

A religious festival in Dharamsala

Flights between Delhi and McLeod Ganj used to have a very bad reputation as they would be often cancelled at short notice due to passenger number, weather of operational issues thus leaving paying passengers stranded at either end. This poor service was under Air Deccan but the entire company was purchased by Kingfisher air who added the airline to its budget wing Kingfisher Red. Since the transition services have improved and flights are only cancelled due to extreme conditions. Gaggal Airport does suffer with heavy snow fall during the winter


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