The Best Guide to McLeod Ganj

  • Colorful McLeod GanjThe pray wheels of Namgyalma Stupa
  • Stunning McLeod GanjThe Dhauladhar Mountains and Triund Hill
  • Spiritual McLeod GanjThe home in exile of the Tibetan Buddhists
  • Natural Macleod GanjThe crystal clear waters of Bhagsu waterfall

McLeod Ganj India Travel Guide

McLeod Ganj is like no other Indian city, a true must visit destination in the vast country, especially for those visitors who tire of the constant hassle of Indian travel. McLeod Ganj as a city is a breath of fresh air, perched high in the Himalayan foothills with a chilled and spiritual ambience rarely found in chaotic India. The unique atmosphere of McLeod Ganj radiates from the Tibetan Buddhist monks who have chosen this location as their home while in exile.

Why McLeod Ganj India?

The Tibetan Buddhists charismatic leader, the Dalai Lama, lead his people to safety from Tibet and since has drawn a large but respectful backpacking community to this once small town. Today McLeod Ganj has some of the best budget amenities found in India with a fine selection of relaxed bars, cafes and restaurants.


McLeod Ganj is a good base for gentle mountain hiking but most visitors come here simply to unwind from India before the next leg of their travels. McLeod Ganj still retains a true feeling as a spiritual destination and unlike Goa has not been overrun by social dropouts and aging hippies.


McLeod Ganj is a destination where a simple stopover can be easily extended into weeks, as what the town lacks for in clear detailed activities it delivers in pure ambience. Let us here at 2WeekBackPack.com be your McLeod Ganj travel guide and show you why McLeod Ganj is such a fantastic destination.


McLeod Ganj's Best Guide

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