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Delhi Mcleod Ganj Bus

The most common choices of transport between Delhi and McLeod Ganj is the use of public bus. Theses bus services offer varying levels of comfort and are the most convenient means of transport between Delhi and McLeod Ganj. This guide will provide an overview of the Delhi McLeod Ganj bus services, description of services and details of the bus stations.

Why Delhi McLeod Ganj Bus?

The Delhi to McLeod Ganj bus service is the recommended means of public transport between the two destinations as all other public transport options are poor or very limited. The nearest train station is 90km away in Pathankot and flights from Gaggal airport are expensive and infrequent. To hire a private taxi between Delhi and Mcleod Ganj is very expensive and is only suitable if traveling as a large group or extremely pushed for time.

mountains  McLeod Ganj

The stunning mountains close to McLeod Ganj

Delhi Mcleod Ganj Bus Overview

The distance between McLeod Ganj and Delhi is 300 miles (480 km) and the Delhi to McLeod Ganj bus takes around 9 hours. The night bus is an hour longer due to driving in the dark along the dangerous twisting mountain roads but thankfully accidents are rare.


Bus fares vary depending on the standard class of travel the cheapest start at Rs500 with the most luxurious costing Rs1,000. The names of the services are deceptive, the standard class is referred to as the deluxe bus while the highest grade of service is called the uninspiring AC Volvo. The standard of quality and safety are always improving on Indian roads and bus travel is become much safer than it once was.

The long distance between Delhi and McLeod Ganj requires a couple of service halts. These tend to be at overinflated service station that provide questionable food, poor service and cleanliness. Toilets at these services vary between bad to awful and rarely have toilet paper.

budhist monks of McLeod Ganj

The colourful Buddhist monks of McLeod Ganj

Always take your belongings with you as jaded travelers make for easy pickings especially at night. The Delhi McLeod Ganj night bus saves on accommodation costs and does not waste a day of travel. The mountain road stages of the Delhi McLeod Ganj bus route are very bumpy and the roads are not great, so do not expect to get good sleep on these sections.

Delhi Madrid Mcleod Ganj Bus Stations

Most Delhi Mcleod Ganj services depart/arrive at Dharamsala bus station but there are a number of specialist services that depart from the small bus area in McLeod Ganj. It is only a 5 minute (2mile) taxi ride from Dharamsala bus station to McLeod Ganj. Most visitors prefer to stay in McLeod Ganj over Dharamsala. In Delhi buses arrive/depart from the ISBT Kashmiri Gate bus station.

budhist monks of McLeod Ganj

A slow regional bus service in India

The Kashmiri Gate inter-state bus station (ISBT) is located in old Delhi north of old Delhi train station and is the largest bus station in India. Due to the size of the ISBT Kashmiri Gate bus station expect hassle from touts on arrival and be wary of theft on departure. The Delhi Mcleod Ganj bus is one of the most poplar bus services with travellers to india as there are few other suitable alternative.


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