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The 1-2-1 Rule of Travel in India

Traveling in India is like no other country to travel through, and is especially difficult for those on a short holiday or with limited time. The best pieces of advice for new visitors to India is to be prepared, plan for the worst and then be pleasantly surprised. The best descriptions of traveling through India can be summarised by the 1-2-1 Rule of Traveling through Indian.

The first 1 stands for a day during the holiday when you will have one of your greatest days of your life, with memories which will stay with you forever. This first 1 day is unique for every visitor, be it witnessing the sunrise at the Taj Mahal, involvement in some religious ceremony or one of many other activities that can only occur in India. This first 1 of the 1-2-1 rule of is what makes Indian visits magical and visitors tolerate the pain or difficulties of travel in India. The 2 in the 1-2-1 rule stands for two non-descript and generally average days and could include either traveling by public transport or visiting tourist sites which were unknown prior to the holiday. These days are fun and enjoyable but will be hard to recall in 10 years.


The dreaded final 1 of the 1-2-1 Indian travel rule is the day when everything goes wrong. This day will equally stay with you for your life and while enduring it you may consider why you even decided to visit India. The causes for this disaster day are as varied as India is a country; major illness, horrific journeys and unbearable hassle. These days are horrible to live through but will that be the basis of many great stories and unite all travellers through India. This summary rule is great for new visitors to India who should expect one fantastic day, two average days and one dreadful day per four days of intensive travel. While experiencing the final 1-day always stay positive in the knowledge that within three days you will be having a fantastic life changing moment.

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